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Barramundi Fingerlings Qty 25


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Barramundi Fingerlings 3-4cm Qty 25

Stocking Farm Dams-

Barramundi are popular for stocking farm dams, However the can not be stocked in farm dams south of Bundaberg, QLD.

We recommend having a large, well established dam with a good food source that can accomodate Barramundi's aggressive feeding behaviour.


Barramundi are popular fish for Aquaponics, but are not always a good choice as they are a tropical species and require heating and can be aggressive to each other.

Barramundi can be delicate subjects, not tolerating poor water conditions or husbandry.

Ideal Water parameters – pH- 7.0-8.5, Ammonia – Nil, Hardness > 100ppm and Temperature 25C+. They do not metabolize food below 18C, stress at 16C and prolonged exposure below 15C will result in death.

Barramundi will readily accept a pellet, and can be aggressive feeders, preferring to take pellets from the surface. They are carnivorous in nature, and require a high protein diet. Our Aquafeed is a good choice.

They are territorial, and will cannibalize. It is important to ensure that all the fish in the tank are offered the opportunity to feed to ensure that not just the dominant fish get fed. It is important to grade this fish and keep fish of a similar size together to limit the aggressive behavior as much as possible. For this reason, it is often necessary to separate the larger fish in a tank and so several culture tanks may be necessary.  

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