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Sleepy Cod Fingerlings 10-15cm Qty 10


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Sleepy Cod Oxyeleotris lineolatus

Year-old Fingerlings 10-15cm - Quantity of 10. 

Sleepy Cod are not well known as aquaculture species, and despite their appearance are excellent eating. They are a tropical species and can be difficult to feed.

Ideal Water Parameters-  pH- 7.0-8.5, Ammonia – Nil, Hardness > 100ppm and Temperature 25C+. They do not metabolize food below 18C, and stress at 16C prolonged exposure below 16C can result in death.

They will accept a pellet, although can be frustrating to feed, often requiring several small feeds a day to ensure that all are fed. They do best on a sinking pellet. They are carnivorous, and so do best on a high protein diet. Sleepy Cod are considered plate size at 600g+, and due to their body structure, quite small fillets come off a 600g fish. Most Sleepies are presented at 800g-1kg commercially. They can obtain 600g in 18 months if conditions are suitable.

Sleepy Cod present excellently on the table, and have one of the best tasting flesh for a freshwater fish. They lend themselves to all the common methods of cooking.

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