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Murray Cod are Australia's biggest freshwater fish and have long been a staple in the commercial aquaculture industry. Murray Cod are more difficult to keep than the Silver and Jade Perch, largely due to their aggressive nature and their susceptibility to health problems.
Ideal Water parameters for Murray Cod- pH- 7.0-8.0, Ammonia- Nil, Hardness >100 ppm and temperature 12-26C. Murray Cod grow well at 18-22C, but are susceptible to bacterial and fungal issues when water temperatures get over 26C.
Murray Cod are carnivorous in nature, and require a high protein diet. They can be a little difficult to feed, and often take some training to get them to readily accept a pellet. They can get to a plate size of 600-800g in 18 months, but 24 months is more common.
One big disadvantage with Murray Cod is their aggressive behavior towards their tankmates. They are territorial by nature, and will cannibalize. It is important to ensure that all the fish in the tank are offered the opportunity to feed to ensure that not just the dominant fish get fed. Cod will often spar and damage themselves as a result, leaving a area for bacterial and fungal infection. It is important to grade this fish and keep fish of a similar size together to limit the aggressive behavior as much as possible. For this reason, it is often necessary to separate the dominant fish in a tank and so several culture tanks may be necessary.  
Murray Cod have firm, white flesh and provide a chunky fillet. They have a good, distinct flavour, and lend themselves to all the common cooking methods.

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