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We pack the fish to survive reasonable transit times, and due to this, the fish will require stocking into your tank/ dam ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY. No claims for losses will be honored if the fish are not stocked on the day of delivery.  We check the couriers tracking to ensure that the fish are delivered or available for collection from your nominated depot.



When you receive the fish up from us, they will come in a oxygen gassed plastic bag, packed in a styrofoam box. There may be small black or white 'pellets' in the bottom of the bag. This is activated carbon or Zeolite and we use it to help keep the fish happy while in transport. Please dispose of the pellets with the plastic bag. 

Care should be taken when releasing your fish. Float the bag in the tank/dam water, preferably in a cool area for 10 minutes. After this time, remove the rubber band from the bag and start introducing some tank/ dam water into the bag. Do this for another 5 minutes before carefully releasing the fish. Once the bags are opened and the oxygen in the bags is released, the fish will quickly use up the oxygen dissolved in the water. It is important that you can introduce water from the dam or tank regularly to ensure they do not run out of oxygen. The total process should take no more than 15 minutes. This process is called acclimation and is important to the survival of the fingerlings.