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Australian Bass Fingerlings

Bass are a common angling species and are very popular for farm dams.  They can grow to 60cm and 4kg, although 40cm and 1.5kg is common in most dams.

They are a hardy species, and are tolerable of most water conditions, but do best in Clear or Tannin stained waters. They don’t do very well in muddy or murky water.

Their major food source in dams is live food such as Shrimp, Fodder Fish, and large insects. They will not readily accept pellet foods, but in some circumstances they will take them, although they shouldn’t be substituted for live food. Bass are a good fighting fish and will readily take lures or live bait such as shrimp.

They have firm white flesh and present well on the plate.

Bass are spawned May – September and fingerlings are available November through January, but are very popular and we sometimes sell out before January.

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