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Jade Perch Fingerlings

Jade Perch or Barcoo Grunter Scortum barcoo, a native to Western Queensland, Jade Perch are excellent fish for Aquaponics, regardless of your experience level -beginner or advanced alike.

Capable of growing to 9kg and 50cm+, they are considered table size in aquaponics at 600-800g.

They are hardy, grow fast and have excellent Omega 3 & 6 Oli levels so have an added health benefit when consumed.

Available most of the year, (except for Spring), Our fingerlings are produced from a combination of Wild Strain broodstock and family lines that have shown excellent growth and vigour characteristics over many years of commercial growout.

Jades are voracious feeders and it is important to not overfeed, especially when water temperatures drop below 18C.

New Products For December - Jade Perch Fingerlings

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